Maverick King has done his best to run from the man he used to be, but five years after the night that changed everything, he sees her for the first time. Alexia Taunton. His wildest dreams and worst nightmares wrapped in one delicious, naughty package. One glimpse, and he knows he’s very much still a Dom.


He’s managed to avoid her for weeks, until a damn tornado messes with his resolves, forcing him to share a room with his obsession for one night.


Lexi is a damn chicken. After over a year of visiting The Tower regularly, she’s yet to have her first kinky experience. She just isn’t attracted to the guys she meets there; until she sees him for the first time.


Too bad Maverick doesn’t seem that into her.



Disclaimer from the author:

King of the Tower is a romantic comedy series about woman going down the rabbit hole,

and figuring out that it's fun in wonderland. Don't expect them to change, or tame the men they love.

Don't expect the male protagonist to force them into anything.


This is a series of very steamy romance, and the characters are kinky.

The story is predominant, and there isn't an abundance of sex scenes, but they are explicit and deviant.

Please heed my warning and run away fast if you're simply vanilla.

Liking my other books is not an indication that you will enjoy this one.

Books in this series may include back door boogie, public indecency, multiple partner fun, and other naughty stuff.