Contemporary romance

"There is undeniable chemistry burning between these two that I couldn't get enough of."


"From the title and the cover, I was expecting a lot of horizontal action but this book was so surprisingly not what I expected. The author does a fantastic job of showing us life as a single parent with a deadbeat husband/significant other. Piper's struggle to raise Maya on her own while dealing with an a$$ of a boss is perfectly realistic. "


"At first you think there is no way this man can be the hero here. Then little by little the man emerges and you can't help but fall for him. Fast, fun and delish!!!"



A series of hilarious contemporary romance standalone following a group of friends in NYC.

Piper Stone's hunky, rude, entitled, Scrooge of a boss is pushing her buttons every day, but he's taken it too far, this time. Saying she couldn't take the holidays off was one thing; preventing her to go home to her sick child? Not happening. She has zero regrets when she resigns.


Bennet McFinnley can't believe his annoyingly perfect personal assistant has actually resigned from her cushy, highly paid position, and he intends to tell her exactly what he thinks about it.


But when he gets to her place, he comes to realize he might not know Piper as well as he thought he had.

A spin off series of standalone, related to Some Girls Do it, with longer, and dirtier books.

This series comes with a warning label.

After the night of her life with a dirty, sexy stranger who’s supposed to live a world and a half away from her, Tori is feeling pretty damn smug - until she finds him in the office next door.


Bryant is a menace, making every woman in the entire building lose focus, but she never thought he would actually go after her assistant.

Determined to save the poor girl from his clutches, she confronts him, and finds herself thrust in a world she never knew existed.


Bryant should stay away from the sweet little prim and proper thing wrapped in designer suits, but he’s had a taste and he can’t seem to forget it. He knows there’s no way he can even pretend to be satisfied with a vanilla relationship. Good thing that when the clothes and the attitude come off, Tori might very well be a sub. All he needs is to lead her down the rabbit hole…


Disclaimer: The big bad office wolf is a very steamy romance, more so than most of my books. As the description suggests, it also includes some BDSM element. Spare panties recommended.

"I read this book in one sitting. Couldn't put it down. Loved the characters. May writes her heroines just like I like them - sassy and brave"


"I couldn't write love 20 times. I loved it. Loved the kink. Loved the tower. Loved the characters. Just loved!!"


"I found this to be enjoyable, well written & HOT! May Sage cerrainly takes things to another level & really ramps up the heat"